I’m a painter. In my paintings, I combine elements from a wide range of times periods and cultures throughout history. I draw inspiration from the immediate reality of the present — what surrounds me right now. I used to process visual stimuli literally (clusters of things in a room, etc.), but today I create a visual database from these stimuli and compose the whole image in my head — it’s a fusion of what has been seen and the transformation of content from the world around me (from books and media; from travels to places including India and Rome; from proverbs, myths, storytelling, thoughts about sexuality, death, relationships, gods, etc.). I translate these perceptions into the visual language that I have gradually been creating. I always “dream” the image in advance. The details I work out during the creation phase. I try to maximize the space of the image. I admire the classic approach to painting technique and I use it in a postmodern way.

I paint on paper because it is inherently modest and intimate — yet perfect. I love the precision that its smooth surface and other qualities allow. I like that it has a much greater history and tradition than canvas, for example in China and Japan. I work mainly with the watercolor technique, which I have been investigating for 10 years.

I follow two levels of visual perception: From a distance, it works purely as abstraction with its own rhythm and space (such as outer space, a view of the night sky); close up, we see distinctive organisms composed of concrete elements (ornament as the building block of the image). These elements are arranged in a new “ecosystem”, which is an internalized reflection of the external world and a place for life — inhabited by beings (figures, animals), or just a soul that has eyes — a view (matter) — through which we identify. The eyes invite us into their world between dream and reality. The eyes tell stories.

The titles of the paintings are also an important guide — for example: Jaguar Stone Hand, Cucumber Time, The Submarine is an Upside-down Octopus, Sicilian Bride, Crazy Garden, I’m Standing at the Edge of My Mind, Requiem for a Mackerel, The Skull of Ganesha, The Spirit of the Ganges, Skull Celebration, Last Breath, Three Witches Gang, Criminal Dreams, Don’t Confuse Me With Your Dream, I’ll Blow the Blue from the Sky from My Nose for You.

curriculum vitae

Jana was born in 1988 in Nymburk, Czech republic. She lives and works in Prague.


2009–2015 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, CZ:

Studio of Prof. Vladimír Kokolia, 2009–2011;

Studio of Prof. Tomáš Vaněk, 2011–2015

Solo exhibitions (selection):

2023 Václav Špála Gallery / Prague, CZ
2018  Collision, Havelka Gallery / Prague, CZ
2017  Essentials, Trigon publishing house / Prague, CZ
2016  Snacks, DOLE Gallery / Ostrava, CZ
2016  Legends of Gr2, Havelka Gallery / Prague, CZ
2015  Souvenirs, NF Gallery / Ústí nad Labem, CZ
2013  Cabaret Suavité, Rubrum Gallery / Ostrava, CZ

Group exhibitions (selection):

2023 Ornament, Klatovy – Klenová Gallery / Klatovy, CZ
2023 Pop-up Fresh, Dolmen Gallery / Prague, CZ
2023 Art Prague, Havelka Gallery – Clam-Gallas Palace /  Prague, CZ
2023 Květy 2018 – jubilejní výstava, Topič Salon / Prague, CZ
2022 Art Prague, Havelka Gallery – Náměstí Republiky / Prague, CZ
2022 Florálie, Artinbox Gallery / Prague, CZ
2021  Art Prague, Havelka Gallery – Náměstí Republiky / Prague, CZ
2020  Art Prague, Havelka Gallery – Náměstí Republiky / Prague, CZ
2019  Unlinemited , HYB4 Gallery, Kampus Hybernská / Prague, CZ
2019  Art Prague, Havelka Gallery – Náměstí Republiky / Prague, CZ
2019  Design Shaker Market / Prague, CZ

2018  Legends of Gr2, Havelka Gallery – New Town Hall / Prague, CZ
2018  Flowers 2018, Topič Salon / Prague, CZ
2018  Principium nativitatis, Orient Express Gallery / Hradec Králové, CZ
2018  Summer Group Exhibition, Millenium Gallery /Prague, CZ
2018  Art Prague, Galerie Havelka – Clam-Gallas Palace / Prague, CZ
2017  Principium nativitatis, Masarykovo nábřeží 30 / Prague, CZ
2017  Sexposed, Motol University Hospital and Školská 28 Gallery / Prague, CZ
2017  All the Beauties of the World, Nová Gallery / Prague, CZ
2017  Art Prague, Galerie Havelka / Kafka House / Prague, CZ
2017  Sexplicit vol. 2, Kotva department store / Prague, CZ
2016  Everyone Is Sacred, Nová Gallery / Prague, CZ
2016  He, She, It, Rampa Gallery / Ústí nad Labem, CZ
2016  Art Prague, Kafka House / Prague, CZ
2015  Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts Graduates, National Gallery in Prague, Trade Fair Palace / Prague, CZ
2015  Art Prague, Kafka House / Prague, CZ
2014  Jana Šárová Revises Darina Alster, Krásova 37 Wine Bar and Gallery / Prague, CZ
2014  Inter-Generational Encounter, Třebotov Fort / Třebotov, CZ
2014  Sexplicit on Tour, Art Salon S Gallery / Hradec Králové, CZ
2014  Sexplicit, Art Salon S Gallery / Prague, CZ
2014  EROEMPATHY, Září Gallery / Prague, CZ
2014  Art Prague, Kafka House / Prague, CZ
2014  1+1, Garáž Gallery / Zlín, CZ
2013  Horror, Black Humor?, NoD Gallery / Prague, CZ
2012  Indirect Images, Koridor Gallery / Ostrava, CZ
2011  20th Anniversary Exhibition for the St. Agnes Secondary School of Applied Arts, Měsíc ve dne Gallery / České Budějovice, CZ
2011  Figurama, NTK Gallery / Prague, CZ
2010  Got It All Going On, Nostitz Palace Gallery / Prague, CZ
2009  This Isn’t Us, FAVU Gallery / Brno, CZ